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John Heiser posted to CW Loom

April 22 2014

"We had a great time at the Lodge on Saturday. Mark Stevenz packed the house (a Camas Moose Record gross sales night) and put on a great Elvis show. What a great weekend."

"MAY 6, 2013 ...Mark Stevenz is Amazing in more ways than one....Incredible entertainer, even more incredible  "ELVIS" right down to the mannerisms, voice inflections and his singing is right on ELVIS. Mark is very "Fan Friendly" and is always willing to take the time to visit, take pictures and sign autographs. I have been in radio for 36 years and have seen a lot of Elvis tribute artists but for the overall "ELVIS" package.......Mark Stevenz is the BEST I've seen, hands down!"
Scott Tom/The Eagle -106.7 Clear Channel Media & Entertainment


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